Top 5 Wednesday: Ideal Mash-Ups…

I spent a good chunk of my day going through Goodreads (I know very productive) and I came across this awesome group, Top 5 Wednesday. Every Wednesday a new topic is posted and you write about it. This week is about your ideal book mash-ups and here are mine:

download.jpg   &   download-1.jpg

1. Supernatural and Reign
– So I’m on a bit of a Reign kick (read obsession) right now. The only down side is it’s dripping with historical inaccuracies and I would almost rather have it completely inaccurate than floating along the edges. So why not mix in some angels and demons. If anything you can’t go wrong with adding Dean Winchester… right?



download-2.jpg      &      download-3.jpg

2. Ready Player One and Red Queen
– Ok. I have to admit I haven’t read Ready Player One (I know, I know) but I did see the movie last week and cannot wait to read the book. I can’t be the only one who enjoys books more than the movie version. But what if they players were given an ability from the Red Queen series and they had to find the keys using only their ability?



download-4.jpg     &     download-5.jpg

3. Designated Survivor and Zombieland
– This mash-up has to exist somewhere already. (Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll find it sooner or later) But instead of an terrorist attack what if the designated survivor was forced into office due to an apocalypse of some kind? Zombies, Demons, Fey, etc.



download-6.jpg       &     download-7.jpg

4. Where the Birds Never Sing and The Diary of Anne Frank
– Straying away from my usual Fantasy/Dystopian/YA genres, these books are based off true events. I think they would be a really interesting mash-up. Someone who is forced into hiding to protect who they really are and what they know. Their family trying to find out what happened with them during the war and what secret was worth losing their life.


download-8.jpg   &    download-9.jpg

5. The Selection and The Hunger Games
– This is another mash-up I’m sure has already been written. Battle to the death for the right to marry the prince. In the Red Queen there is something similar, the Queenstrial, but they do not fight each other and the outcome is based on the King’s choice, not their victory. I could see Katniss being a badass queen.



It was a lot of fun to come up with these ideas! I definitely struggled though because most of the books I read already feel like mash-ups. Although that might be because I read so fast they all blend together and it’s hard to tell them a part now… Who knows. Before writing this I had 2 solid book ideas in my head but after this post I can definitely see more ideas forming. Now I just have to get to writing them…


20 thoughts on “Top 5 Wednesday: Ideal Mash-Ups…

  1. The Selection + The Hunger Games would be SO weird…but I honestly want to see it happen, now!! I’m just picturing America Singer flailing around during the games, lol.
    I haven’t seen Reign, but I also included Supernatural when I did my top five on my youtube channe!! I said it would be cool with Jessica Jones or even Stranger Things though. They’ve got similar vibes!!

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  2. A Reign and Supernatural mash-up would be so cool! I’m obsessed with Reign, but it’s so ridiculous sometimes that some random demons would fit right in.

    Liked by 1 person

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