It’s ok to be you…


I found this quote at the beginning of the week and it’s been in my head since. I’ve felt a little all over the place since I’ve started blogging which has only been about 3 weeks but for me, being incredibly organized, it feels like 3 years.

I started blogging because I love to read and write. My hope is to have a book written by the time I’m 40 and have it published. Even if no one reads it I’m going to make it happen. But after the first week I was addicted to getting followers on the blog and Twitter. I stopped reading for almost 5 days. Yeah, I know… “Anna 5 days isn’t a long time”. For me it is. I can get through 3-4 books a week and I actually enjoy that. Hubby plays video games and I read. It’s our thing.

I’ve spent the last week moving to a new apartment and since I’m an organized mess (read bridezilla without the wedding), I had to pack everything and move everything myself otherwise I was afraid things would get lost. (I might have a slight problem… First step is admitting it… right?) Plus, planning a trip to London and Athens for 2 weeks in summer. So, it’s not just my blog that’s taking up my time. Although, at the beginning of the week that’s what it felt like.

I was constantly worrying about getting enough posts out there, making the content perfect, having interesting and unique pictures, reading what other bloggers are doing or what they’ve done. “How to start a blog.” “First time blogging mistakes.” “How to take your blog to the top.”

Yep, I’ve read them all (ok that might be an exaggeration because let’s be honest, there are SOOO many blogs out there. It would probably take me years).

But on Tuesday I found this quote.


I realized I’ve stopped living for me (not just blogging). I’m constantly comparing myself to other people (bloggers included) and I’m worrying how I’m going to stand out, how I’m going to get to the same place they are. That’s not how I want to live. That’s not how anyone should live.

I realized, I want to be me. I want my blog to be mine. I want my life to be mine. Someone is already living their life. Let them. It’s ok to take inspiration from other people, to have people you look up to, but it’s important to know when to be different. When it’s ok to be you. You are always enough. I forgot that for a while.

So, my blog might not be perfect. It might not be “right” or in the top 10, but it’s mine. It’s something I’m proud of and something I really enjoy working on! Maybe one day my blog will make money and I’ll get to work from home. Maybe one day it will be on a list of The Top 10 Blogs of All Time (ok that might be a stretch). Maybe one day I’ll have thousands of followers.

For now, I’m proud of my blog. I love the followers I have and other bloggers I’ve had the pleasure of interacting with. I love how every blog is different. Maybe the concept is the same but everyone is different which makes every blog unique. Let’s keep it that way because you are unique. There is no one like you.

I am proud of my dreams. One day I will write a book and it will get published. And maybe someone out there will read it. I will be able to work for myself one day. Even if it’s not my blog.

But most importantly, I am proud of me. I am unique. I have my own dreams to follow. I am enough. And so are you ❤

4 thoughts on “It’s ok to be you…

  1. I think those “beginner blogger” posts offer a false timeline. I think if you’re sustainably blogging for the long haul, you work in all of those steps and milestones slowly. At least that’s what I’m telling my casual blogger self. 🙂

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  2. I loved reading this Anna! 💖 This is such a positive attitude to have towards blogging 😍. I think it’s so easy to compare ourselves to other bloggers as there are so many of us doing awesome things. I totally agree with your message to just be yourself. Every blogger has something unique to bring to the blogging world. We all have our own stories to tell and skills to share. I’ll look forward to reading your book one day too. Go girl 💖 xx

    Bexa |

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