21 Things I’ve Learned From My Sister

I was 6 when it happened, 21 years ago today to be precise. I was sitting in my kindergarten classroom when the teacher walked in with my grandma. “Time to go to the hospital!” I vividly remember being so incredibly excited.

I don’t remember the car ride to the hospital or taking the elevator up to the room. But I do remember, we walked into the room and I sat in the chair next to the hospital bed. Then my dad placed this little bundle of wiggling blankets in my lap. I looked down and there she was, this little pink thing with chubby cheeks and green eyes. Ellie

There is a pretty big age gap between my sister and me. And I won’t lie, we fought, like most siblings do but I love her all the same. Since, it’s her 21st birthday I’ve come up with 21 things I’ve learned from having a little sister.

  1. She never got in as much trouble as I did. Ever! I’m thinking that’s the “younger sibling” effect.
  2. I am always teaching. Since I am 6 years older I definitely know more about everything, boys, clothes, music, math…ClearGrandioseCoqui-max-1mb
  3. I am always learning. She teaches me to be stronger and how to push myself further.
  4. I know what unconditional love is.
  5. I will always have someone in my life to tell me the truth. Regardless if I want it, asked for it or needed it. She will always tell me.
  6. There is at least one person in my life who will never let me down.
  7. I’ll always have someone to talk to at 3am when I’ve been out drinking with friends or at 9pm on a Sunday while watching the Bachelorette.488a07ad3604a7e0081ab6dacdf40c40
  8. She knows me better than I know myself. Since we’ve been through everything together, I know how she thinks and she knows how I think.
  9. I always have someone to laugh with. Seriously, I don’t think we go 5 min without laughing. (Usually at each other or a really stupid joke.)
  10. She always knows the best movies. (I know all about the best books, we balance each other out)
  11. If she’s upset, my first instinct is to kill seriously maim whoever hurt her. I can’t be the only older sibling who is over protective. Right?
  12. Sharing. Saying goodbye to “my” stuff.image
  13. I know someone will always be in my corner and vice versa. “Ellie, I think we should do all 4 Disney parks in one day. It’ll be fun!” “Anna, that’s the stupidest idea I’ve ever heard. I’m in!”
  14. There’s no one I will forgive and forget faster. I mean really, we’re sisters. It’s our job to fight. But I can’t stay mad at her forever, I mean there are things we need to talk about, like what are we getting mom for Mother’s Day next weekend!friends-rachel-sister-fighting
  15. I’ve learned to be a role model. I came first, that means I should be a good example. Well I’m not a good example all the time, but when I mess up she doesn’t make the same mistakes.
  16. She comes first. Something’s wrong? I’ll be right over. You need help? What can I do. You need to bury a body? I’m not asking questions, but I’ll bring a shovel.
  17. I’ve learned how to be a personal wallet. 6 years younger means she’s still in college. Still in college means broke. Broke means “Anna will you buy me this?” or my personal favorite “Anna, I didn’t have money to buy a card.” “Don’t worry, I already bought one for you.”
  18. I have a personal secret keeper. We can talk about anything and know when to keep secrets. It must be in our DNA because I have no idea how we just “know” to keep somethings hidden between us.16891828907_f4555b5767_o
  19. That being said… Privacy is nonexistent. She knows everything about me and me, her.
  20. Stop and Smell the Roses. While we’re always going and our lives aren’t always in sync, I’ve learned when I’m with her to stop and relax. She’s the one person I can be my complete self with.
  21. She will always be my best friend.large


Happy 21st Birthday Baby Sister! I love you more than anything.


8 thoughts on “21 Things I’ve Learned From My Sister

  1. This is such a sweet post for your sister! I have a sister and 3 brothers! My sister and I are extremely close and I can relate to all of these things (she’s older tho)! When I found out I was pregnant she was the first to know. We got engaged a day apart from eachother and her wedding is in 4 weeks and I’m her maid of honour! Reading this post honestly made me miss her so much right now ❤️

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    1. Theres nothing like a bond between sisters. I tell her everything and I’m sure she’ll be the first to know when I’m pregnant too. So I definitely get that! That’s so exciting you’re her maid of honor. It’ll be such a great day for her having you by her side. ❤

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