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Thank you Dani @ Perspective of a Writer for the tagging me in these! You definitely need to go check out her blog! Really! Go! I had a lot of fun answering the questions. I hope you guys enjoy the answers 🙂


Mention the creators: The Cramm of the Cramm Awards. And Anita from Discovering Your Happiness, of the This or That Tag.
Thank and link back to the person who nominated you so they can read your answers.
Answer the Questions.
Nominate 10+ bloggers. With the Cramm Award include a fun challenge question.

For The Cramm Award…

Share three things that motivate you to blog.

  1. New Ideas: Whether it’s reading a new book, finding new info on Disney or planning a new trip; I love being able to talk about anything on my blog and even if no one reads it, I’m able to put a post together and get my thoughts out there.
  2. Connecting With New People: Seriously, this blogging community is fantastic! I love connecting with new people, learning new things, and getting perspectives from many different people.
  3. “Me” Time: I started this blog to talk about what’s rattling around in this noggin of mine and any time I spend blogging gives me that opportunity. So I won’t lie, I try to find any excuse to pull out the laptop to read more blogs or create new posts.

Share one thing you hope to do that will improve the world.

  • Last week was Mental Health Awareness Week and I think if I can do anything in my life time, I want to talk more about Mental Health. I want to make sure people aren’t afraid to talk about it, ask questions, and try to understand it better. We are still living in a world where people do not like talking about it either because they don’t want to upset anyone, they don’t understand or they just don’t see what’s going on around them. Talking about Mental Health isn’t the problem. NOT talking about it is.

Challenge question. Who is your favorite character and why?

  • Well Dani knows me too well when she said I talk about Disney a lot, so I can’t let her down (at least that’s my excuse lol). My favorite character of all time… Stitch from Lilo and Stitch giphy-3

For the This or That Tag…

Dog or Cat? – Dog
Netflix or YouTube? – Netflix
Phone Call or Text? – Text
Toast or Eggs? – Can I say both? How can you have eggs without toast?!
Cardio or Weights? – Uhhh…neither? Lol I don’t work out often but when I do I love to swim so I’ll say Cardio
Facebook or Twitter? – If you asked me this question 2 months ago I would have hands down said Facebook. Now? I have to say Twitter because of my blog.
Ice Cream Cone or Snow Cone? – Ice Cream!!!
Mobile Games or Console Games? – Console (I don’t think I have a single mobile game on my phone. However, Board games above all others!
While walking: Music or Podcasts? – Music
iOS or Android? – Phone: Android Everything else: iOS
Cake or Pie? – Ice Cream!!! (Oh that wasn’t an option? Well then Ice Cream Cake)
Swimming or Sunbathing? – Swimming
Big Party or Small Gathering? – Ugh this is such a hard question… It depends on the people and the day of the week and if I have to do anything the next day… Big Party
New Clothes or New Phone? – Clothes ( I don’t have to update passwords when buying new clothes)
Rich Friend or Loyal Friend? – Loyal
Football or Basketball? – Definitely Football. Basketball is SOOO boring. But Baseball above everything else. And if you say baseball is boring you’ve never been to a Brewer’s game with me 🙂 
Nice Car or Nice Home Interior? – Home Interior (I love hosting parties and I’m never in the car)
What’s worse: Laundry or Dishes? – Dishes! Definitely dishes (I hate when my hands get pruney)
Jogging or Hiking? – Eww both involve getting sweaty… If I have to pick… Jogging
Bath or Shower? – Shower! See above regarding pruney hands while washing dishes. I’m also not a fan of sitting in one spot for too long. 
Sneakers or Sandals? – Sandals (Wearing sandals means its warm out!)
Glasses or Contacts? – Contacts (I’m basically blind without eyewear and if I wear glasses I can’t see out of the corner of my eyes)
Hamburger or Taco? – Hamburger
Couch or Recliner? – Couch
Online Shopping or Shopping in a Store? – Online
Receive: Email or Letter? – Letter 
Passenger or Driver? – Driver!
Tablet or Computer? – Computer
Most important in a partner: Intelligent or Funny? – Funny
Car or Truck? – Car
Blue or Red? – BLUE!
Money or Free Time? – Free Time (I’m sorry I refuse to work my life away. You can’t take money with you when you die.)
Amusement Park or Day at the Beach? – Amusement Park 
At a movie: Candy or Popcorn? – Popcorn
Pen or Pencil? – Pen
Toilet paper: Over or Under? – This is so funny!!! My husband and I have this disagreement all the time. Honestly, I put the roll of toilet paper on and leave. I never worry about if its “on the right way”. 
Cups in the cupboard: Right Side Up or Up Side Down? – Right Side Up
Pancake or Waffle? – Pancake
Coke or Pepsi? – McDonald’s Coke!
Coffee Cup or Thermos? – Cup
Blinds or Curtain? – Curtain
Train or Plane? – Plane
Phone or Tablet? – Phone
Iced Coffee or Hot Coffee? – Iced!
Meat or Vegetables? – Meat
International Vacation or a New TV? – Uhh vacation. Duh.
Save or Spend? – Spend (Sorry husband)
Honesty or Other’s Feelings? – Honesty
Coffee or Tea? – Eww tea is gross. Coffee for the win
TV or Book? – Book (Obvi)
Movie at Home or Movie at the Theater? – Theater
Ocean or Mountains? – Ocean
Horror Movie or Comedy Movie? – Comedy (I cry when watching horror films. I’m a baby)
City or Countryside? – City
Winter or Summer? – Summer
Mac or PC? – Mac
Console Gaming or PC Gaming? – Console (Although Rollercoaster Tycoon is the shit)
Soup or Sandwich? – Half and Half? Sandwich
Card Game or Board Game? BOARD GAMES!
Camping or Binge Watching Shows at Home? Watching shows at home (I am the last person you will ever see camping. The Queen of England will go camping before me.)
Working Alone or Working in a Team? – Depends but usually alone.
Dine In or Delivery? – Delivery (I’m the cook in the house so it’s nice to have someone else cook for me)
Sweater or Hoodie? – Hoodie (Hello comfort!)
Motorcycle or Bicycle? – Bicycle
Book or eBook? – Ugh this is such a dilemma. I read eBooks faster so I read more that way but physical books look so nice on my bookshelf. 
When sleeping: Fan or No Fan? – I HAVE TO HAVE a fan going. (I know, I’m weird)
TV Shows or Movies? – Movies

I’m going to tag everyone! Or anyone that wants to answer the questions. My only request? Link back to me so I can read all your answers! The Cramm Challenge Question: Money isn’t an issue… Where would you like to visit?

3 thoughts on “Tag Tuesday!

  1. I’m going to answer your cramm question and say Asia! Like all over, a month trip or something like that!! Hit every Asian country!! (Loved the question 😉 ) Loved your answers Anna and I did already know the Stitch answer, of course!! And he is very cute… I love the gifs you use to show him off. I so agree with you about mental health. Lately I’ve been getting my fill of fantasy books but mental health books are also a favorite of mine. I love learning about mental health and experiencing it from books too. I think it needs a lot of awareness! I’m actually finishing up a new one about suicide and I feel like its one reason we need to normalize mental health issues so readers who experience the same know they aren’t alone. ❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Asia would be awesome! I agree taking a month to see all the countries so you can soak it all up. Stitch is definitely my weakness lol. I couldn’t agree more about mental health. It’s such a touchy subject but I think it needs to be talked about more. Maybe there would be less people who feel alone.


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