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Well it’s the weekend again. Yay! And I made my first (ish) new blogger mistake (oops). About 2 weeks after I started blogging I signed up to review two products and (to be perfectly honest) I never thought I would hear back let alone they would ask me to write a review. Whelp, guess what?! They asked me to write a review. Awesome right?! Well I thought so until I realized the products I’m reviewing really don’t fit in my niche. Granted I will definitely use them and I’m happy to review them but you lovely people will probably think I’m crazy for reviewing them here. I promise I won’t get so “click happy” and I’ll make sure to find products that actually make sense for my blog in the future.

You’ve been warned! Here we go!


Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set


Before my husband and I got married he had a set of those ceramic knives. Now don’t get me wrong they worked. They were fine for how often we cooked (read we NEVER cooked). However, when I went to register for our wedding I got a little trigger happy (I cannot be the only one!) and registered for a really nice metal knife set. You know the set by that highly praised chef from that one restaurant? Yeah, that set. Well now it sits on our counter and I’m actually afraid hesitant to use any of the knives. I don’t want to ruin them ok?! (At least that’s what I tell myself) So when I saw these knives I was definitely intrigued.

The Good:


A problem with our “state of the art” knives is the weight. They are incredibly heavy and I’m sure that is nice for an actual chef but I’m not a chef and I don’t cook often enough to become a chef. These are the perfect weight. They feel very comfortable in my hand and they are heavy enough to cut through food without having to force it.


These knives are the same size as the fancy ones we have so they aren’t cheap looking and they’re big enough to do the same work as the expensive knives. As part of the set, each knife comes with a “sleeve” which is nice for storage and to prevent injury (which I’m easily prone).


I was a little worried when I saw the picture of them. I thought they were going to be cheap and I was going to struggle to use them. However, I used them on bread, chicken, celery, and even tomatoes (does anyone else have a problem cutting tomatoes?). They cut through everything. No problems at all.



Ok the knife set we received from the wedding is an extremely fancy metal (at least that’s what they tell me). When looking at a picture of these knives I was worried they were going to be the same ceramic material as the cheap set my husband had, that’s not the case. These are stainless steel which means they are just as sharp as the wedding set. I was pleasantly surprised with the quality.

The Bad:

I tried, I really tried to come up with any negatives for these knives. Nope. Couldn’t do it. I’m planning on using these every day and letting the wedding set sit on the counter to look pretty (yes, I realize how that sounds. #spoiled) However, I absolutely love love love the colors of these knives! I mean how can you not?! So I might have to find a way to keep these out all the time too.


Would I Recommend?

Without a doubt, I would recommend this Vremi 10 Piece Colorful Knife Set. They exceeded my expectations and I’m pretty bummed that we didn’t register for these instead of the “fancy” set.


In case you were wondering, this is the wonderful meal I made last night using the knives 😀


Vremi Coffee Grinder


My husband and I went to Costa Rica for our honeymoon in September and we brought back coffee. Like REAL Costa Rican coffee. I don’t know if it was because we were on our honeymoon and vacation or if the coffee was really THAT good. Ok, who am I kidding the coffee was FANTASTIC! So we brought back several bags of coffee beans and I’ve been dying to grind them and make a good cup of coffee. However, I realized we didn’t have a grinder. (Yes, I’m aware I bought bags of coffee beans and didn’t have a grinder. The point of this post is not to point out how silly that makes me. I already know.)

So, when I saw the opportunity to review this Vremi Blade Coffee Grinder it felt like it was calling my name. Now, don’t get me wrong, I have actually used other coffee grinders in the past (some would say my mom is addicted to coffee, I like to say she is trying to find the perfect way to make a cup of coffee and she just hasn’t figured out the exact recipe yet) but I’ve never used one I would “have to have”. Is this one I would recommend and suggest you buy right away? Let’s get on with the review and I’ll let you know.

The Good:


I’ve seen coffee grinders retail for $50 or more and all they do is grind coffee beans. If I wanted to spend that much I would go to a cafe every morning and have someone make me a coffee. This one is less than half that price and that I can get behind.


This grinder is small enough it can easily sit on the counter next to the coffee maker but it will still grind enough beans for a whole pot of coffee. Umm WIN!


Poor the beans in, push down on the button, poor the grounds in the coffee maker and push start. There really isn’t anything difficult to use this product. It’s efficient and does exactly what it was made for. Plus there is a place underneath the grinder where you can wind the cord. I don’t know about you, but I hate battling with extra cords.


I’ve used coffee grinders that sound like a freight train is running through the kitchen. I can’t say this one is “quiet” but it is significantly less noisy than any grinder I’ve used.

The Bad:


The instructions say the coffee grounds will be ready in 15 seconds. I’ve found I needed to go about twice the amount of time to actually get the right consistency. Now is 15 extra seconds really a deal breaker? (If I did the math correctly) It comes out to 1.5 hours/year extra grinding coffee.

End Product

After adding an extra 15 seconds the beans looked pretty well ground and I put them in the coffee maker and I was ready to make a pot of delicious Costa Rican coffee. However, I noticed the grounds weren’t even. Some parts were extremely fine and others were really coarse. There were a couple full beans left as well. Now, this might not seem like the biggest problem but fine grounds=strong coffee. Coarse=weak. I’m pretty picky and I like my coffee very strong and consistent every time I make it. So this would be a problem for me. Now I probably could have ground the beans for longer to try and get it all even but by the time I realized the problem they were already in the coffee maker.


Would I Recommend?

For the price, size and ease I would definitely recommend the Vremi Coffee Grinder. I am worried about the consistency problem but I think from now on I will just grind the beans for longer and hope that fixes the issue. If you like your coffee weak and you’re worried about it being too strong, then I would suggest looking for a coffee grinder that will be more consistent.



I received these products from Vremi via Review Directory in exchange for an honest review. This in no way, influenced my opinion.

Alright now that I’ve reviewed these fine products, have I convinced you to give them a try? Or what products would you like to see reviewed on my blog? As always, thanks for reading! 

7 thoughts on “Product Review: Vremi

  1. Hahaha I never even thought to sign up for products Anna. The knives are super fun in all those colors. I know book bloggers love to get box subscription product reviews and candle companies that have bookish candles!

    Your blog is looking gorgeous! Congrats on self-hosting! It’s super fun, right?! Next thing you know I’ll be asking you for pointers! I struggled a lot more when I made the jump ❤


    1. I’ve read a lot about the bookish candles. I definitely need to look into those! I don’t think it’s possible to have too many candles, my husband disagrees lol .

      Thanks, Dani! It was so frustrating making the move over. There were several times I was really worried I was going to lose everything but I’m happy with the way it turned out. Slowly making it “perfect”.


  2. For the kind of post this is and how you feel about it, you wrote it amazingly 😀 good job! Haha, and I never bothered signing up for any products, who knew they would accept a new blogger! I guess now you won’t be afraid to ask for book review copies, right? 😀

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