Book Review: Watching You by Shannon Greenland


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Name: Watching You by Shannon Greenland
Date Published: Expected July 9, 2018
Genre: YA, Suspense, Mystery, Contemporary, Romance
Goodreads Rating: 3.8/5 Stars
How I acquired it: I received an eARC from the publisher via Xpresso Book Tours in exchange for an honest review. This in no way affected my opinion.

Goodreads Summary

Viola’s always been that girl from that family, so a scholarship to a prestigious private school in Florida was supposed to be her ticket out of poverty and into a brand-new life. But Viola’s secrets have followed her. Her relationship with the intelligent and gorgeous Riel should have been the salvation she needed—he understands her troubled past better than anyone. But then weird things start to happen.

Frightening messages.

Missing personal items.

The unsettling feeling that she’s being watched.

Viola’s never been one to give her trust easily, but she’ll need to trust in Riel if she’s going to survive her stalker. Because she’s not fighting for a new life anymore—she’s fighting to stay alive.

Writing: ★★★★
Plot: ★★★★
Romance: ★★★★
Reading Level: ★★★★
Ending: ★★★

My Overall Rating: ★★★★


My Review:

I don’t read a lot of thrillers but when Xpresso Tours posted this one I was immediately intrigued. I really enjoyed this book by Shannon Greenland. It is written in Viola’s POV and every once in a while the stalkers POV. I think this made it easy to follow and kept the reader guessing whom the stalker could be.

Viola’s life has never been easy. Her mom is a stripper and she has to take care of her younger siblings every day. Her dream has always been to go to MIT and when an opportunity presented itself she couldn’t risk losing it. What harm would come from a couple lies? I really enjoyed the suspense from this book wasn’t just about “who is the stalker” it also was “when is she going to get caught”. This extra suspense had me reading chapter after chapter. It was such a hard book to put down.

When Viola arrives at her new school she is determined to keep her lies and put the past behind her. She wants a fresh start where no one knows her name or her history. She needs to get through school, get into MIT and then she will figure out the rest of her life. That is until Riel shows up. He is her peer mentor and also her rival and their chemistry is present from the very beginning. However, they both are determined to keep secrets hidden. I don’t want to spoil anything but I love how their relationship develops. They are perfect for each other and as secrets come out and histories are revealed, they must figure out if their relationship is something they want to save.

The ending of this book is very thorough. Greenland wraps every question, loose end and potential future up into a nice bow. I’m still a little confused about who the stalker turned out to be but it was explained why they did what they did to Viola. I think if the side characters where more developed it would have made more sense. I’m not going to spoil who they were or what the motive was so you’re just going to have to read it yourself to find out.

8 thoughts on “Book Review: Watching You by Shannon Greenland

  1. I had to see what you thought of this book Anna! I’m so glad that it kept you one your toes and better yet want to get to the end. Thrillers are hit or miss for me but if it keeps me reading and the tension high then I enjoy it even if the rating isn’t 5 star. I love the idea that there were two lines of stresses! ❤️


    1. I really think the book needed both sides of worry for Viola. If there would have only been one I think the book would have been a little flat. Aside from the “stalker” I really enjoyed the book.


    1. Thanks! It was a really good book and I know thrillers can be a bit touchy with some people but this book had multiple angles which made it really interesting.


    1. Thank you! It was a really good book. It’s definitely one I still think about and that doesn’t happen with a lot of books anymore.


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