Evangeline Samos and why she NEEDS her own book!

Have you ever finished a book and wish you knew more about a side character? Well, I just recently finished the Red Queen series by Victoria Aveyard and while the last book, War Storm, wasn’t 5 star worthy I truly enjoyed reading Evangeline Samos’ chapters and it got me thinking about how I wish I knew more about her and how she became the bitch unpleasant person that she is.


Here’s what we know:

  • Evangeline Samos is 19 and was born of house Samos, Magnetrons. She is a silver and her parents are Volo and Larentia (Viper). Her best friend and only sibling is her brother Ptolemus.


  • From the very beginning we learn Evangeline Samos was born specifically to be married to the new prince, Tiberius VII (Cal). She was born exactly 10 months after Cal was born.

“You are a daughter of fangs and steel. What are you meant for, if not to rule? Be the best, the strongest, the smartest, the most deadly and the most cunning. The most worthy.” -Larentia 

  • She grows up training to become the best example of a future (and deadly) queen so when she has to prove herself in front of the royals, there is no doubt she will become betrothed to the prince. Her father has trained her to know how to get out of danger since before she could even walk. He made her wear a bullet around her neck for 2 years just so she would know how it feels without even thinking about it. He also had her come up with scenarios where she would need to take the metal around her to save herself.


  • Her brother Ptolemus and Evangeline are always looking out for each other and willing to risk everything to save each other. Evangeline was willing to free her enemy Mare Barrow in exchange for Mare’s word she won’t ever kill Ptolemus. Ptolemus even marries Evaneline’s lover (Elane Haven) so they can always be together.

“But Maven shut me out of a place that was rightfully mine. He didn’t know to look for Elane. My lovely, invisible shadow. Her reports came later, under the cover of the night. They were very thorough. I feel them still, whispered against my skin with only the moon to listen. Elane Haven is the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen in any capacity, but she looks best in moonlight” – Evangeline Samos

  • Evangeline grew up wanting to be the next princess and future queen. She spent her whole life training and wishing. However, she gets the opportunity to be a princess in her own home and she loves the freedom. When that opportunity is taken away from her she does everything in her power to find away from spending her whole life in a “cage”.

“We are silver houses of noble and ancient blood, allied with rebels, criminals, servants and thieves. Abilities or not, our ways of life stand in direct opposition. Our goals are not the same. The council chamber is a powder keg. If I’m lucky it will explode. Blow apart any threat of marriage. Destroy the cage they want to put me back in.” – Evangeline Samos

  • Mare Barrow is Evangeline’s enemy because Mare has the potential to take away Evie’s crown and the future she’s been training for her whole life. Evangeline spends (what seems like) every waking moment trying to get under Mare’s skin.


  • Like her whole family, Evangeline is cold hearted and very stand-offish. She knows she is better than everyone else and doesn’t believe rules apply to her. She is loyal to her family and house until her father breaks her heart. Then her loyalties only belong to her brother and her lover, Elane.

“If there was ever a person begging for an elbow to the face, it is Evangeline Samos.” – Mare Barrow

Evangeline’s story is incredibly interesting to me. She spends her whole life trying to make her parents (mostly her father) proud. She wants to become a queen but she also wants to remain with Elane. When she sees the opportunity to marry Elane in Montfort she is at war with herself between what she’s always done (what her father wanted) and what she wants to do (follow her heart and live a safe life with Elane). I will admit I think I would have liked this series more if it ended in just Evangeline’s POV. I think we need a book just about Evangeline Miss Aveyard.


“I Heart Characters! is a weekly meme hosted by Dani @ Perspective of a Writer to showcase our book blogger love for characters! Each week she’ll supply a topic and you’ll supply the character. Post on whatever day suits you, about characters from whatever media you love (books, movies, K-dramas, television, manga, anime, webtoons, whatever!) and link up on Thursday so YOU and others can blog hop and share the character love. ♡”

This week’s topic: A Minor Character who Needs their own Story (Literally any character you want an expanded story about them…)


Is there a minor character you would like to have a new story? Would you read a story about Evangeline Samos? 


* All quotes are from Victoria Aveyard’s Red Queen Series

10 thoughts on “Evangeline Samos and why she NEEDS her own book!

  1. Oh yes Anna! You are so right. I hated her in the first and second books but then she changed and the last book was it for me. She was human. She loved. She was courageous yet vulnerable. And let’s face it her parents were awful! Great choice!


    1. Thanks Sophie! You’re totally right. In the first and second books we had no idea why she acted the way she did but in the last book it all made sense. Haha her parents were really awful 😂


  2. Ooooh I love all the ideas surrounding villains getting their own story! There have been a couple books like that recently and I think it is becoming a more and more popular idea. And such a grey character Anna is perfect! I wouldn’t say Evangeline is necessarily an evil character and she sure has motivations that oppose her base purpose… to become queen! ❤️ Incidentally I love to read about brother-sister relationships! I remember that being a mark for her when I read Red Queen! Someone whose brother is so loyal and loving and who is ruthless to get what she wants is such a real character. So, so good Anna!


    1. Thanks Dani! Yeah the relationship between her and her brother is portrayed extremely well as a sibling relationship. I don’t have a brother but I would like to think my sister and I are just as close. She’s such a dark character because of her past and I’d like to either hear how she really got that way or a just a completely different story all together.


  3. I still have to read the third book in the series, but I know I’ll love this character more in the next books. I joined the meme this week and discussed about why Noah from The Raven Cycle should have his own story on my blog 🙂 Watch out, if you haven’t read the series, because there are spoilers!


    1. It’s a very good series. I’m usually not a fan of multiple POV books but Miss Aveyard really made it work. If you do read it you’ll have to tell me what you think! 🙂


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