5 Reasons to Keep Reading

I absolutely love to read! I mean it should be obvious since any of the posts I had in August were book reviews and this post about my summer wrap up and the 30 books I read. So when I hear people say, “oh I don’t like to read” or “I’ve never found a book I like” it makes me so sad. And I started thinking, “well why do I like to read so much?” I know there are plenty of people who just do not have the time or prefer movies but there’s just something about reading that makes me so happy. Here are my 5 reasons I read.

1. Completely different world

pexels-photo-1165982I read a lot of fantasy, science fiction, paranormal, dystopian, etc. books so it’s easy to get transported to a whole different world when reading. Whether you’re in Hogwarts or in a castle with Vampires, every new book comes with a new place. Somewhere I couldn’t have dreamt of is sitting right in front of me.

2. Seeing the creativity of other authors

Every author is different. Which means every story is different. There are plenty of stories that are very similar but I love how each book takes on a whole different direction. I am actually in the process of writing my own book but I would be lying if I said it wasn’t intimidating reading other books and seeing the creativity from these amazing authors.


It’s obvious each author has an idea of how each character and scene is supposed to look but unlike movies the reader is able to use their imagination. This means each person’s version of a character is going to be completely different than the next. You are only going to get that type of creative freedom by reading a book (unless of course you decide to write your own book).

3. Learn more than watching movies

There are plenty of books that are made into movies. Let’s use Harry Potter as an example. Most of us have seen those movies but I know of few people who have actually read the books. I’ll admit I watched the movies before reading the books and I honestly wish I could “watch” the book. Granted it would be 7 hours long but I would be the first person to buy that movie ticket. Books contain so much more information for example in the HP books there was a ghost/poltergeist named Peeves who was an extreme troublemaker. In the fourth movie Neville gives Harry the Gillyweed to help him swim underwater for an hour. In the books it was actually Dobby. We also learn most House Elves like working for their masters and Hermione starts a club to try and free them. That’s when we meet Winky, another house elf, who has a severe drinking problem because she’s not longer able to serve her master.

After reading the books, I can’t imagine not knowing the back-story while watching the movies. Especially since I would love more books and movies in the HP world. There are plenty of details you are only going to get in a book.

4. Easy way to get lost and not having to think about what’s happening right now

This is probably the most important reason why I read. I know I’ve mentioned I’ve been battling depression and anxiety, well reading is how I leave it all behind and just focus on what I’m reading. Now I’m not saying to use reading as an excuse to neglect your responsibilities or problems. But there are definitely times where I’m overwhelmed or don’t want to talk to anyone and bringing out a book is my way of taking some me-time and focusing on clearing my head.

It’s easy to read about someone else’s problems and seeing how they fix them or deal with them that helps me set my priorities and come up with a way to deal with what’s going on in my personal life.

5. Interacting with other book nerds

I’ve really noticed this one in the past 5 months since I started my blog. People who read are always willing to talk about books. When I first joined Goodreads I probably had 20 or so books on my TBR. Now? I have over 200. I never (well maybe not never) would have found those books without reading other blogs or talking to other book nerds.

pexels-photo-775998Everyone has a different opinion on each book. Whether it’s a favorite character or a plot change. And it’s fun to talk about it with someone who’s read it. My husband doesn’t really read (couple books each year) so I’m always describing the book I’m currently reading and that’s fine, but I really like talking about the characters and the story line with someone who’s read it. They can understand my frustration or help me figure out what happened in a previous chapter. Being a part of the book blogging community is like being a part of the world’s largest book club. And I don’t even have to leave my living room.

When you read, at least when I read, each book offers a new possibility. The creativity of each author brings their ideas to life and allows you to be transported to a new story and world where you’ve never been. It’s easy to get lost in a jungle fighting a dragon where you are the creator of how everything looks. As I get older the more I realize how I use my imagination less and less. Instead of making a playground into a castle it’s used to rearrange a room or finding a new way to cook that chicken. Maybe that makes me sound juvenile but every time I read I’m able to use my imagination for something I truly find enjoyable.


“That’s the real trouble with the world, too many people grow up.” – Walt Disney


So, have I convinced you to go out and get a book? What are some of your favorite books? Or your favorite places you’ve travelled to while reading? Do you have any other reasons why you read or why reading makes you happy? Let me know!


Five Reasons To Keep Reading

13 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Keep Reading

  1. Ahh, loving post ! xx

    agreeing with all of them, but it also makes you feel all the things you may not get to feel otherwise – or how the world might not be so black and desperate after all.


  2. I haven’t been to your blog in too long! Time to catch up 🙂 saw this post shared by Dani, and it sounds great.
    Lately I’ve been experiencing strange feelings towards my own blog and how it affects my reading. I want to come back to reading for the sake of reading, and not just for reviewing. I guess before I used to read masses and masses of books, like most reviewers end up doing, I used to always pause and think – because that’s what books did for me, they gave me topics to ponder about.

    You’re so right about the movies! For me it’s like… You watch a movie when you want to rest and zone out. And you read a book when you want to engage your mind. Both good passtimes, but so very, VERY different. Reading engages it more, in my opinion, cause you set your own pace and are making your own movie in your head 🙂

    Loved the post!


  3. Yess, I love to read as well! Whenever I hear people say they don’t like to read I always think to myself that they must not have found the right book then. I read a mix of things from fantasy, dystopian to historical fiction etc. I just love being able to jump into another world through books. It’s amazing how the mind creates the scene that the book is setting up.

    Every author has it’s own way to getting the reader hooked into the plot, and it sure does take me sometimes a bit longer to get into some books than others, but most of the time books are one large rollercoaster! That’s amazing to hear you’re writing a book! Can’t wait to read it one day!!

    I personally prefer reading books than watching movies any time any day! I have a rule with myself that I can never watching film adaptation of a book unless I’ve read the book!

    I actually am looking for more bloggers who love to read as I recently discovered goodreads – I wish I knew about it sooner, so many books I’ve read and hadn’t had somewhere to log it in! I have to say the best thing about books is that sometimes fictional characters teach you a lot of life lessons and also sometimes give you a new perspective on life!

    I recently read Big Little Lies and I really liked it, took me a while to get into it but it’s a great book! Have you heard of @thehelsproject Blogger’s Book Club? We read a book every month and discuss it at the end and Big Little Lies was the book for September 🙂


  4. This is such a great post Anna! I love escaping into a good book and forgetting about the outside world for a while, it’s so calming. You can learn so much from a book and I seeing the creativity of authors too. Thank you for sharing ❤ xx

    Bexa | http://www.hellobexa.com


  5. Great post and I totally agree with all of your points! Personally, I love book-to-film adaptations. I love seeing my favourite books and just things that I’ve only pictured in my imagination coming to life on the big screen but you definitely miss out a lot of important information from the books. Which obviously needs to be done otherwise these films will be like 6 hours long haha! xxx


    1. Haha thanks Jenny! I agree with you. There are some books that I’ve read and wish they would make into a movie just so I can see if I was picturing it right.


  6. I am all about reading the book before watching the movie! Like you said, all the perfect details of books don’t seem to translate well onto the big screen. And YES to meeting other bookish people! Book Twitter is one of my favorite things! 😀


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