The King of Thrillers


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September 27th – Favorite Stephen King Character (A character from Stephen King’s creative mind that you love! It can be based upon ANY of his adaptions… Let’s prepare for the Halloween season!)

The King of Thrillers, at least, that’s how I would describe Stephen King as an author. Every book he’s written seems to be in the thriller or horror category. Because of that I’ve actually never read a single book he’s written or watched a movie based on any of his books.

I’ll explain in a couple weeks why horror books/films aren’t my cup of tea but for now I’ll leave it at I absolutely cannot handle anything scary. I’m a big wimp during Halloween. While everyone else is out doing haunted houses or walking through cornfields in the middle of night, I’m at home watching Christmas or Disney movies with some hot chocolate.

I can’t say I’ll never read a Stephen King book but I don’t have any plans in the immediate future. That being said I have heard of A LOT of his books and of course the ones I’m most familiar with are It and The Shining. Which also seem to be the most scary, how fitting.

So for this weeks prompt I’m going to leave it to the experts and read everyone else’s blog posts. You should make sure to go check them out here!

Do you have any favorite Stephen King books? Any that aren’t super scary I might enjoy? Let me know!

5 thoughts on “The King of Thrillers

  1. Hahahhahha Anna I’m so sorry that none of Stephen King’s characters appeal to you. I really enjoyed Haven the tv series on SyFy. I didn’t get to see the last season because we gave up cable but it was paranormal, just odd things going on. I also really like the Dark Tower series too. Though if you don’t enjoy a little creepy then no point in reading it! I actually totally understand because at this point in my life I’m uninterested in horror at all! Thanks for participating and Happy Halloween. ❤️


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