28 Things About Me

  1. Baseball is my favorite sport. The Milwaukee Brewers are my favorite team.giphy
  2. I recently started a new job as an Event Coordinator and I absolutely love it!
  3. Walt Disney World is home and Stitch is my favorite character (but let’s be honest you probably already knew that).
  4. I found the love of my life on Tinder.
  5. My favorite city in the US is Washington, DC. I love history.New Dawn over Washington
  6. I absolutely LOVE to read.
  7. I have so many book ideas but I’m worried they won’t be good enough so I’ve only started writing one. I’ve been “writing” it for over a year.
  8. I HATE coconut! Like I would literally die on a deserted island because I can’t fish and I will NOT eat coconut.
  9. I help teach a colorguard team and absolutely love it!
  10. My whole life I wanted to see Greece. It was the #1 on my bucket list so when we went I couldn’t think of what I wanted to do next. I’m still not sure but these are some of the places I would love to see one day.
    1. pr-venice-italy-5-may-19


    2. best-resorts-bali


    3. CBB5H-Thumb-600x360
      Bora Bora


    4. maxresdefault


    5. chelsea-vs-huddersfield-willian-pedro-moses-azpilicueta_1e9l01vrvt3om18udhyos9c2wk
      Chelsea Match in London
  11. I bought my first car before I knew how to drive it. It was a manual. (Side Note: I really miss that car.)
  12. I love to swim!
  13. Camping is really not my cup of tea.
  14. Like the great Polish girl I am I have blonde hair and blue eyes and I know how to Polka.
  15. The US will always be home because I love baseball so much but if we ever had the opportunity (or I really get sick of the orange blob in the White House) to move to Europe I would love to call London home.tower-bridge-homepage-image
  16. I consider myself pretty creative. Event planning kind of requires that and I love to do crafts.
  17. I love ice cream. It’s kind of my weakness.
  18. Going to space and seeing Mars or the Moon has always been a dream of mine, but I was never great at science so I’ll just have to stick to movies and pictures.
  19. My favorite smell in the whole world is rain. Standing at the patio screen door, watching a really good thunderstorm and feeling the mist of a heavy rain is one of the best feelings.giphy-1
  20. When I found out I was going to be a big sister I wanted a little brother so badly! I made my parents find out the gender and when the doctor said it was going to be a girl I was so upset. I didn’t speak to my mom for a week. (I was 5.)
  21. Now my little sister, Ellie, is my best friend.
  22. I like almost every type of music. But my favorite band is the Goo Goo Dolls.
  23. I graduated in 2016 from Concordia University with a bachelor’s degree in Business Management.
  24. I cracked a bone around each of my eyes. Once in 1st grade and once last year. They were black and blue for a couple months.
  25. My husband proposed while we were in Disney World. We were standing in front of the partner’s statue in Magic Kingdom, which is in front of the castle. It was easily the best day of my life.partnersstatue-400x300
  26. I could watch Harry Potter movies on repeat and never get sick of them. My husband would probably kill me but I would still love HP.
  27. I studied abroad in Paris while I was in college and I absolutely loved it. I cannot wait to go back and see more of France!

And Finally…

28. Today is my 28th Birthday 🙂


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