10 Places to Propose in Walt Disney World

You might think of Walt Disney World as a place for kids. But it’s actually a place that everyone gets to be a kid. It’s a magical place where dreams come true. (too much? Nahh I don’t think so) It’s a place where you get to step away from reality and just let go. This makes it one of the top destinations in the world to propose.

Cinderella’s Castle

Obviously, this is the first place to come to mind when you think of Walt Disney World. That makes it an excellent place to pop the question. Seeing as my husband proposed to me here, it’s my favorite option (I might be a little bias).

The “Partners” statue, featuring Walt and Mickey, is right in front of the castle. “Will you be my partner for life?”

Victoria and Albert’s at Disney’s Grand Floridian

This is said to be the most romantic restaurant in all of Disney World. However, you can always call ahead of time and let ANY restaurant know you are planning on proposing. If you have something specific Disney is (almost) always willing to help. Seeing as they believe in magic and making dreams come true. If you don’t have anything specific planned they will likely have ideas to help you out.

The World Showcase at EPCOT

The World Showcase at Disney’s EPCOT has 11 different countries where you can pop the question. Take him/her to Italy for a glass of wine or Germany for a beer. You can even propose in front of the Eiffel Tower (not the real one obviously)! You don’t have to travel across the world.

Fireworks Cruise

Disney has many “behind the scene’s” tour options as well as special parties where you can take the time to ask your important question. However, my favorite option is the Fireworks Cruise. You take a boat out on the lake and you watch the fireworks from afar. It’s a small group so it would be very intimate and it will be something your significant other will remember forever.

Cinderella’s Royal Table

A special option at Disney’s Magic Kingdom is the glass slipper proposal at Cinderella’s Royal Table. Your server will place the ring on the shoe. When they present it to your significant other they will be surprised to also see you on one knee ready to ask the question.

Character Meet and Greet

There are Character meet and greets throughout every park. If you call ahead of time, Disney will work with you to make your particular meet and greet extra special.

At your Favorite Resort

Have you been to Disney before? If you have you likely have a favorite resort. Without a doubt mine is Old Key West, but you can propose at any resort. Take a walk on the beach of Yacht and Beach Club or on the paths throughout Saratoga Springs just the two of you. Get down on one knee and ask your question. It’s a very intimate option for those who don’t like a lot of fuss.

On your Favorite Ride

We’ve all seen the signs… Hold up a sign so when the picture is taken you capture the moment. When he/she gets off the ride and looks at the picture you’ll be standing there with the ring waiting for their “yes”.

Side note: I definitely don’t recommend actually pulling the ring out DURING the ride. You definitely don’t want to lose it while your’e going 0-60 in 2.8 seconds on Rockin’ Rollercoaster.

On the Boardwalk

Disney’s Boardwalk is another great option. Take him/her on a walk around the lagoon and stop in front of all the lights to ask them to spend the rest of their life with you.

The New Balloon at Disney Springs

This is a new attraction at Disney Springs. Take him/her up and when you’re looking out over the lagoon, drop down on one knee and ask away.

Disney’s photographers are always around to capture the memories. You can even work with Disney to create the perfect proposal. Whether in a restaurant or at your resort with some flowers and bottle of champagne, you can’t go wrong wherever you decide to ask the most important question of your life. Whatever you decide it’ll be a memory you’ll remember forever. 

10 Places to Propose at Walt Disney World

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