Rating Policy

Rating Policy:
All my reviews are my own thoughts and opinions. Regardless of buying the book with my own money, receiving a discount or getting a free copy. I take pride in my reviews because I have shed blood, sweat and tears putting it together. Well, I definitely have shed tears and time (lots of time). I won’t lie, I tend to give a book a higher rating than what is probably called for (5 stars is just so exciting). I can’t help my emotions ok!
I review the book based on the following topics:
Writing: How well is the book written? Did the author pull me in from the beginning? Was there anything unique about the writing style?
Plot: Did the story make sense? Were there any gaps? How well did it flow (beginning to end)?
Romance: Was there romance? Was it forced? Was there a connection? Did it make sense?
Reading Level: Was the book easy to read? Understand? Did I have to go back and re-read to understand the plot?
Ending: Did the ending work? Were there story lines unfinished?

  • Nothing was missing and it all flowed really well
  • I loved the book!
  • I will re-read it
  • I will recommend it to anyone (regardless of genre)


  • Something small was missing
  • Wasn’t my absolute favorite book but I still really enjoyed it
  • I will re-read it at some point in the future
  • I will recommend it to those who enjoy the genre


  • It’s easily forgettable
  • It was an average book
  • I probably won’t re-read it
  • I probably won’t recommend it to anyone


  • Something major was missing or the plot didn’t make sense
  • I had a hard time finishing it
  • I won’t re-read it
  • I won’t recommend it to anyone

  • The writing was poor or the plot didn’t work
  • I didn’t finish it
  • I won’t try to finish it
  • I won’t recommend it to anyone