Disney Dining Plan Options

I’ve spent the last 2-3 months talking about all the wonderful food in Walt Disney World; Snacks, Romantic Dinners, Lunch Options but I realized I never talked about how you can go about creating a meal plan to get those options. So I decided to break it down cause let’s be honest, it can be [...]

Disney Friday: Magic Kingdom Resorts

Happy Saturday Everyone! I officially have a computer again. Well at least I have one to use for now. Really, you don't realize how important technology is until it no longer works the way you need it to. Any-Who...Last week I talked about all the perks of on-property resorts at Walt Disney World but I [...]

Disney Friday! On Property Perks

Happy Friday! Am I the only one who thought this week was abnormally long? I’m so excited it’s the weekend. This week’s Disney Friday question: Why would I want to pay more to stay on property? Walt Disney World is expensive. There’s no beating around the bush on that fact. Most people are looking to [...]