Top 5 Wednesday: Bromances!

It’s Top 5 Wednesday People! This month on Top 5 Wednesday, we are able to pick our topics from previous options because Sam over at Thoughts on Tomes has been a busy beaver finishing up grad school. So this is what I have for this week. And the date was August 30th, 2017… Favorite Bromances! [...]

Top 5 Wednesday: SFF on Your TBR

Sam over at ThoughtsOnTomes is the host of Top 5 Wednesday. She's a little busy this month, you know with graduate school and all, so we are able to choose our topics this month. Like I said last week, there are so many topics I want to write about! This topic was from April 5th, 2017. [...]

Top 5 Wednesday!

This Month, we are able to pick past topics to write about because Sam has quite a bit going on with graduate school. My only problem with this… There are SOOOO MANY topics I want to write about! How will I ever choose?! This week I decided to pick the topic from March 21st, 2018. [...]

Top 5 Wednesday: Favorite Fandom Items

This weeks Top 5 Wednesday is Favorite Fandom Items! Ok, I thought this was going to be extremely difficult for me because I don't collect fandom items. I mean I have to buy groceries, gas, rent... I don't have enough money to buy posters or t-shirts or... other fandom things... At least I didn't think [...]