My Favorite Day

For a lot of people, the best day of your life is your wedding day, the day you become a parent or the day you get the DREAM job. For me it’s the day it all started, the day my husband proposed. And it is without a doubt my favorite day.

If you know anything about me, you know I love Disney. So naturally that’s where he popped the question.


We started the morning going to Magic Kingdom. I can remember my family tried to convince me to wear something nice with out being overly obvious. Well, I wasn’t having any of it and decided to wear shorts and a t-shirt. Oh well.

My family and I stopped for pictures along Main Street because I thought my parents wanted a new picture for their living room. Little did I know it was because he was going to pop the question. However, there was a couple ahead of us in the picture line and he dropped down on one knee and proposed to his (now) fiancé. I remember almost crying for them because I thought it was such a perfect proposal.


Now it’s our turn. My whole family steps up and gets our picture taken. I’m ready to move on when my mom suggests my (at the time) boyfriend and I take a picture together too. Thinking nothing of it, I stand next to him smiling when he tells the photographer to wait because he has something to say.
He points over my shoulder and says “See that statue? That’s called the partners statue. Mickey and Walt were partners and I want you to be mine.” He gets down on one knee and asks “Will you be my partner for life and marry me?”
I was beyond surprised (even though looking back, there were signals I should have picked up on) and immediately started crying (happy tears of course). My response? “Of course I will!” Our photographer took so many pictures and we received an applause from everyone around us. I truly felt like a princess.

Late Morning

Not going to lie, the rest of the morning went by in a blur. I called so many people (even though it was 6am at home) and couldn’t stop smiling. We went to breakfast at Be Our Guest where I’m pretty sure I didn’t eat anything because I was too busy staring at my hand and taking ring pictures. (SO MANY RING PICTURES!)


My fiancé and I finally got some alone time, hanging out by the pool (where I was so scared of losing my ring) and we just spent some time talking about the proposal and how excited we were. I then went and got my nails done at another resort (because obviously I had to have gorgeous nails to go with my gorgeous ring) and we posted the news to Facebook. We spent the rest of the night in EPCOT with my family and ended the night watching Illuminations.

There’s just something about days like this. You spend the whole day on cloud-9 and you can’t stop smiling. It still makes me smile and gives me this warm fuzzy feeling in my chest. It’s a day I could talk about forever and never get sick of it.

Do you have a day like this? Can you remember it like it was yesterday? Let me know!

2 thoughts on “My Favorite Day

  1. My husband proposed to me in front of the castle too!! It was right before the Electrical Parade and we found a photographer to take our picture in front of the castle. I had no idea he was going to propose and the whole moment was a blur, but it is a moment I’ll remember forever! ❤


  2. Awwww congratulations! 😍 I could feel your excitement through your writing and it made me smile til the end! Will you be having a Disney themed wedding? 😃


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