Disney Friday!

The first word I used to describe my blog is Disney and I’ve only done 1 Disney related post so far 😮 So I’m going to try and make Fridays my Disney day because a) Friday’s are very exciting! and b) Who doesn’t love Disney?

My entire family belongs to the Disney Vacation Club so I’ve been to Walt Disney World (Orlando, Florida) a few times too many times to count and I get questions all the time so I want to take “Disney Friday” and answer those questions.

How do I start planning a Walt Disney World vacation?

This is probably the most frequent question I am asked. It makes sense because if you don’t know where to start you won’t have other questions to ask. This is my advice:

1. When do you want to go?

– I’ve been to Disney in summer, in winter, during busy season, during slow season (getting much harder to come by) and it is different every time. That being said you need to decide when is best for you. If you are a teacher you obviously have a more restrictive schedule. If you have 6 weeks of vacation and only work 20 hours/week, you can probably go whenever (If this is you please let me know what you do and tell me you’re hiring 😀 ) My schedule is a little more lenient so I’ve been able to experience every season. I use this website to help figure out slow/busy times and it has been pretty accurate. Do NOT worry if you can only go during a busy season. I will help you through it!
-Disney has many “festivals” throughout the year, The International Flower and Garden Festival in the Spring, The Food and Wine Festival in the Fall… You can find a list of their special events here.

2. Who do you want to go with?

– Are you looking for a romantic trip with just the 2 of you? (Yes, Disney can be romantic!) Do you have a family of 4? 5? 8? If this is your first time doing Disney, I highly recommend keeping the guest count low (especially if you are traveling without a previous Disney guest). Contrary to what you have heard Disney World is HUGE! You do not want to fight schedules, preferences, or attitudes with too many people.

3. Budget, Budget, Budget!

– I will not sugar coat this… Disney is expensive! If you know you’ll only be able to go once or twice in your life you do not want to be worried about money. Save Save Save! It’s ok to put it off a year or 2 if you want to do it right.

4. Read and Research!

– Read blogs, books, websites! There are many blogs (like mine 🙂 )and books and websites out there to help answer questions and put your mind at ease. Just like if you were traveling anywhere else, you need to research what is there, where to eat, what to do. Unfortunately Disney is not a trip you can just “wing”. Your best resource will be Disney’s official website here.

I promise to break everything down more in future posts but for now I wanted to give a brief overview. A Disney trip can be overwhelming. But it is also the most magical place on earth. Take your time, do your research and plan one of the best (in my opinion) vacations you will ever have.

Please let me know other questions you have!

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